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CO-operation with IMPACT

We are an international experienced team that through the years developed several tailormade solutions to impact the competence development of people and companies all over the world. 

It’s a philosophy built on experience, transparency and a shared commitment.



Have an IMPACT

Developing the competence of your people and your organization especially in an international and intercultural environment is essential to motivate your people and for establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. 

We are a Competence Development Network and we offer a range of services from learning design and leadership development to coaching and consulting, all tailor-made to the specific needs and objectives of your business.

Coimpact is a team of skilled experts with a broad range of international experience in helping companies create a competent foundation for achieving their goals. 

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Casual Business Meeting
Working Together

meaningful and practical

Coimpact develops innovative customized workshops.
We support our customers in developing concepts to increase the needed competences and skills.

take an opportunity

Our customized coaching focuses on strengthening a client’s presence.
We build confidence and leadership skills, polish message delivery and develop tactics to effectively communicate with customers, management, peers and stakeholders.

International collaboration and transformation

Coimpact develops innovative strategies for organizations. We believe the increasing complexity of today’s business world presents challenges, but also opportunities.



We work with companies and organizations from all different areas.

We can provide you with a list of references.




Offices Germany:


Niehler Straße 102 – 158
Tor 2, Gebäude 23e | EG
50733 Cologne



Lützowstr. 19
04157 Leipzig

Office Brazil:

Rua Dr. Armando Farjardo 49
Jardim Brasília
27511-430 Resende - RJ



+49 176 202 33 448

Niehler Str. 102-158 Tor2 Gebäude 23e, 51107 Cologne, Germany

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